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Approximately 1,440 individuals have completed the crossing since Captain Matthew Webb did in 1875. By comparison, more than 4,000 people have climbed Mount Everest so far, including about 650 last year.
Sometime in the next week, weather and wind permitting, I’ll wade into the English Channel outside Dover in a swimsuit, cap and goggles. […] It’s a long way from the South Bend, Indiana, YMCA where I worked my way up the lessons ladder to Flying Fish. I splashed with my siblings in Lake Michigan every summer, though I didn’t like the lake at Notre Dame where minnows nibbled at my toes. […] I’ve swum in the Thames and the Hudson; Lake Zurich; around Cape May on the New Jersey shore; from Alcatraz to San Francisco; in Sicily and Slovenia. Now I’m attempting the channel because I think I can succeed.