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Getting on a new line at SXSW

A couple of years ago, tired of session chasing, I jumped into the next line I saw, which happened to be for Jeffrey Tambor's Actor's Workshop. Pushing a couple of young actors through multiple versions of a break-up scene, Tambor awakened in me a vision of the moment's edge. Life tempts us to stick to rehearsed scripts, but every word and step can unlock infinite alternative universes. — Henry Copeland

When networking works

Sleep from 4-8PM every day. “I nap every day in Davos sometime between the hours of 4-8pm. It’s the most efficient time to catch up on sleep so I can be fresh when the time is opportune. The opportune moments happen while dancing at one of the nightcaps or at a chateau where only a select group of people is invited. The conversations there can go on until the early morning hours.”
One of the festivals sponsors, Subway, used SXSW Interactive to promote the Flatizza, Subway’s new flatbread pizza. Visitors to the convention center were treated to a brain wave detection video game put together by the advertising firm 360i. “[SXSW] is the spirit of innovation, it seemed like a really nice match," says Lane Harris, a senior technical director at 360i. "The target’s perfect, these are the people that enjoy Subway products.”