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Journalists have to decide what to do about candidates who are climate change denialists » Pressthink

Claims that climate science is a hoax, or that human action is not a factor are not just positions in a political debate. They are ways of saying: hey, the evidence doesn’t matter. # Honest journalists have to look that statement in the face and decide what to do about it.

Antarctica ice pulls the oceans south. Wow.

For residents of the United States — and indeed, the entire Northern Hemisphere — the impact of major ice loss from Antarctica could be dire. If Antarctica loses volumes of ice that would translate into major contributions to sea level rise, that rise would not be distributed evenly around the globe. The reason is the force of gravity. Antarctica is so massive that it pulls the ocean toward it, but if it loses ice, that gravitational pull will relax, and the ocean will slosh back toward the Northern Hemisphere — which will experience additional sea level rise. For the United States, the amount of sea level rise could be 25 percent or more than the global average.