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50 Years of (Mostly) Fantastic Footwear Innovation | Runner's World

The guide, in the April 1967 issue, featured 14 “flats.” Eleven of those models came from three brands: Adidas, New Balance, and Tiger. The reviews spent as much time discussing each brand’s overall reputation as it did detailing the differences in the fairly similar shoe offerings. Each review included selected quotes, most being some variation of “Absolutely the best racing shoe I’ve ever worn.” The guide listed “best” shoes in two categories. The Tiger Road Runner topped the training category; Tiger’s Marathon led the racing shoe list.

Does a Shoe’s Heel-to-Toe Drop Matter? | Runner's World

Researchers at the Luxembourg Institute of Health followed 533 recreational runners for six months while the subjects did all of their running in models with a 0-, 6-, or 10-millimeter drop. The shoes’ respective stack heights were 21 millimeters in the heel and forefoot; 21 millimeters in the heel and 15 millimeters in the forefoot; and 24 millimeters in the heel and 10 millimeters in the forefoot. The shoes were otherwise identical. With injury defined as a leg or lower-back pain that resulted from running and cut into planned training for at least one day, 25 percent of the runners reported being injured during the six-month study period. The study’s main finding was that injury rates among the three groups were similar—runners got injured at roughly the same rate whether their shoes had a heel-to-toe drop of 0, 6, or 10 millimeters.