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Civil rights once meant an existential struggle between the oppressed and villains like Bull Connor with his dogs and fire hoses. Now Oprah is miffed over being treating rudely while eyeing a $38,000 purse in Switzerland; the NAACP wants sensitivity training for a rodeo clown with an Obama mask; American Idol’s failed contestants sue for “cruel and inhuman treatment”; near-billionaire rapper Jay-Z warns that the have-nots may riot; and a depressed former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was reduced to spending $750,000 of other people’s money on essentials like stuffed elk heads and Michael Jackson’s old fedora.
TED is a platform for discussion. We are committed to a stance of open-mindedness and respectful dialogue. And we seek talks that build bridges and spark conversation. Anyone familiar with our catalog of talks, events and discussions on women’s issues and equality knows these issues are near and dear to us. (A playlist follows.) We’re proud to have shared these talks and conversations on important issues with the world.