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Over-engineering a watch

A Polish tourist comes back home after visiting the USSR. He carries two very large and heavy suitcases. On his wrist is a new Soviet-made watch. He tells the customs man: "This is a new Soviet watch. It's a wonder unknown in the capitalist countries. You see, it shows time, the rate of your pulse beats, the phases of the Moon, the weather in Warsaw, Moscow, and New York, and more and more!" "Yes, it's a wonder," the customs man agrees. "And what is it you have in these big suitcases?" "Oh, it's just the batteries for that watch."
We're told the extent to which Rosenberg and Wojcicki overlapped is a matter of dispute between the separated philanthropists—but even if they can split amicably, knowing that one of the most vital, powerful men at the company has been using Google's most ambitious product as a dating pool won't be smooth news for the rest of the team. And of course, the odds of grotesquely 21st century sex tape existing are now very high.