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Energy security requires not going 'green' - Washington Times

In Germany, the world leader in green energy, electricity prices have now reached a level triple those paid in the United States.

Can U.S. Shale Add 1 Million Bpd In 2017? |

U.S. shale is already up about 300,000 barrels per day from a low point in the summer of 2016, at least according to preliminary data. The gains are expected to continue. The industry is producing about as much oil as it was two years ago, with only one-third of the more than 1,700 rigs in 2014. Drillers are producing just as much oil with a lot less effort.

What the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About - WSJ

Political expediency in a White House that does not see itself as being bound by the rule of law. The Obama administration has decided to build a political legacy rather than lead the country. It is facilitating an illegal occupation that has grown wildly out of control. That the economy depends on a consistent and predictable permitting regime seems never to have crossed the president’s mind.

Protesting the Dakota pipeline is not cut and dried - The Washington Post

HOW DID the out-of-state activists protesting the Dakota Access oil pipeline arrive at the North Dakota site? How were the sleeping bags they will use when the high plains winter arrives manufactured and shipped to the stores at which they were purchased? What are the plastics made of in the phones they have been using at Standing Rock, N.D.?

I was assaulted by ‘peaceful’ pipeline protesters | New York Post

Don’t listen to reports that this is some kind of touchy-feely sage-sniffing lovefest. These were thugs who hated journalists asking tough questions. They love journalists and celebrities who portray them as peaceful and ask easy questions that address none of their lies or contradictions.

#NoDAPL Movement Takes a Dark Turn as Organizers Tell Cops “Do What You’ve Got to Do” - Say Anything

In rejecting that path, the protesters tell us they don’t want peace. They want conflict and violence as fodder their propaganda machines.

North Dakota residents have mixed response to pipeline protest

“It's going to get the crude oil to places that need it, that can use it,” he said. “If we could use it all in North Dakota, it wouldn't matter. But we can't.”

When Protesters Don’t Actually Know What They’re Protesting - Say Anything

The professional activists don’t have to know the specifics about the Dakota Access pipeline, because the specifics don’t matter. It is a pipeline, thus it is evil. That’s the sort of shallow thinking the Obama administration is catering to with its delay in pipeline construction.

Chief Obama and the Dakota Pipeline - WSJ

Democrats are running for office claiming that the U.S. needs to spend hundreds of billions on infrastructure. If you want to know why they’re not serious, look no further than the Obama Administration’s order halting construction on a sliver of an oil pipeline in North Dakota even after the U.S. won in court.

Environmentalists' Questionable Tactics in North Dakota | RealClearEnergy

Peaceable assembly and freedom of speech are constitutionally protected rights, but so are the private property rights that are so essential to liberty and a civil society. Trespassing demonstrators, who have tried to prevent pipeline workers from doing their jobs and at one point caused the closure of a state highway, have gone too far, especially since many of them did not bother to attend public meetings or file comments before DAPL’s construction began.

MAIN Coalition Statement on the Administration's Actions Regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline - Standing Rock Fact Checker

It is also concerning that the federal government would threaten the livelihoods of thousands of workers who rely on good governance to support a stable workplace.  Based on the Administration’s actions today, these workers’ jobs are in peril.

Citi Sees Future of LNG Trading in Tanker Traffic Near Texas - Bloomberg

“What appears to be unfolding into next year is a seismic change in the functioning of the global LNG market,” Morse said in the report. “The U.S. Gulf Coast is likely to begin to emerge as a major, if not the major, gas trading hub in the world, with cargoes being lifted and awaiting direction.”

US oil reserves surpass those of Saudi Arabia and Russia

The US holds more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and Russia, the first time it has surpassed those held by the world's biggest exporting nations, according to a new study. Rystad Energy estimates recoverable oil in the US from existing fields, discoveries and yet undiscovered areas amounts to 264bn barrels. The figure surpasses Saudi Arabia's 212bn and Russia's 256bn in reserves.

Opponents of Hydraulic Fracturing Want to Kill America’s New-Found Energy Abundance – InsideSources

The hard truth is that a federal ban on hydraulic fracturing would be catastrophic for the American economy and a windfall for OPEC. It would, within a matter of months, result in major price increases for natural gas and oil. That, in turn, would cause dramatic price hikes on everything from electricity and home heating to gasoline and fertilizer. It’s time to for some energy realism. The shale revolution has profoundly improved America’s energy fortunes. If opponents of hydraulic fracturing succeed in banning the process, they will have succeeded in killing a uniquely American success story that is helping consumers and the environment.

Opponents of Hydraulic Fracturing Want to Kill America’s New-Found Energy Abundance – InsideSources

over the past decade, merely the increase in domestic gas production is equal to more than five times the amount of energy now being supplied by solar and wind combined.

Shale Drillers’ Key to Survival: Efficiency - WSJ

Hess, which exported the first cargo of Bakken crude from the U.S. Gulf Coast last month, says it is implementing lean manufacturing techniques borrowed from Toyota Motor Corp. such as just-in-time supply chain logistics and greater use of standardized parts. It is operating three rigs, down from a high of 17 in 2014, but it has increased the number of wells drilled per rig to 22 a year, up from 16 wells a year 18 months ago. Standing near a quartet of pump jacks surrounded by farm land, David McKay, the vice president of what Hess calls its Bakken “Well Factory,” credits the downturn for forcing producers to rethink their operations. “There was a time when we were all cheeks and heels” in the rush to boost output, he said in an interview. “The slowdown actually has helped convince people of the need to do everything more efficiently,” he said.

Fossil Capital: the rise of steam power and the roots of global warming - The Ecologist

To force the transition, we must challenge the power structures preventing this shift from happening. Malm rounds off the book with a look at how a renewable economy will only occur if it is planned and implemented against private interests whose investments are sunk in fossil capital. Equally, to meet emissions reductions targets we'd need a "planned economic recession" tantamount to a "war on capital". This is not about waiting for socialism, but a pragmatic, though uncomfortable, proposal to solve our present day mess. Reworking a familiar refrain, Malm concedes "it has become easier to imagine large-scale intervention in the climate system" - by which he refers to business-as-usual attempts at geo-engineering - "than in capitalism".

Liz Cheney: End the War on Coal - Washington Free Beacon

“Anybody who is looking at this based on facts can see that coal, and oil and gas as well, are fossil fuels, and in Wyoming are a national treasure,” Cheney said. “And they are a resource that can … be used by the entire nation to become energy independent.” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stirred controversy during a CNN town hall in March when she said her environmental regulations would put many coal companies and coal miners out of business.

The Left Machine: Foundations and Media | RedState

Foundations fund research, which runs on Foundation-funded media and is laundered through mainstream media, which Foundation-funded activists use to generate more media coverage, which prompts a legal investigation that — surprise! — was the strategic goal behind the entire campaign.

New Syracuse Methane Study Echoes University of Cincinnati Results

The Syracuse study confirms the critical fact that the Appalachian Basin has a long history of preexisting dissolved methane in groundwater which predates shale drilling.

Why Green Energy Means No Energy - Forbes

To “be green” means to minimize our impact on nature. In the green philosophy, the standard of value, the metric by which we measure good and bad is human nonimpact—does an action make our environment more or less altered by humans? If we take that idea seriously, then practical energy is not a good thing.

Stop fracking? Shatter the economy | TheHill

We would lose massive amounts of jobs, investments, oil, gas, and more (both the actual today and the huge potential ones in the future). Import costs would go up. Export revenues would go down. Inflation would go up. The economy would go down. Unemployment would go up. Standards of living would go down.  Energy price shocks cause economic downturns. Stopping fracking would cause one of the biggest energy shocks in the recent past.

White House cancels all new offshore drilling leases for Atlantic coast « Hot Air

This is a blatant bait and switch, designed to be part of Barack Obama’s legacy building project and another wing in his presidential library. He had been indicating for years that these leases would be approved and moving forward as part of the ongoing efforts to ensure America’s place as a global energy leader for decades to come. Now all of the investments in research and preparation which have gone into making sure such exploration could be done in a safe, environmentally sound and fiscally productive way are back on the shelf. (At least until we get a president with some sense of responsibility in office.)

Study shows natural gas drilling not contaminating water wells in Carroll County - Gate House

An audience member asked if the university was going to publicize the results of the study, noting that had the findings been unfavorable to drilling, that would have been national news. “I’m really sad to say this but some of our funders, the groups that had given us funding in the past, were a little disappointed in our results,” Townsend-Small said. “They feel that fracking is scary and so they were hoping our data could point to a reason to ban it.

The Paris agreement is another false ‘turning point’ on the climate - The Washington Post

The climate conference, like God in Genesis, looked upon its work and found it very good. It did so in spite of, or perhaps because of, this fact: Any agreement about anything involving nearly 200 nations will necessarily be primarily aspirational, exhorting voluntary compliance with inconsequential expectations — to “report” on this and “monitor” that.

Question 3 for COP 21: Compliance | Resources for the Future

Procedures under the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) make it impossible to force unwilling nations to take on strong commitments or to accept onerous compliance sanctions. Ultimate long-term progress to manage climate risks will require participation by all major emitting nations, and at this time many are unwilling to obligate themselves to ambitious commitments with strong compliance (for various reasons). Consequently, stark choices for the Paris Agreement today are between ambition and participation, and between commit and comply or pledge and report. Paris appears to be moving toward enhanced participation under a pledge and report regime. However, the Agreement may still have legally binding aspects, but they would not apply to achieving commitments for emissions or finance.