henry copeland: Like cheese, some tweets are long in the making and stink: pllqt.it/zGS9kS
The planning began in early March, when one of Cunningham's colleagues on the social-media team, Jessica Lindsay, sat down with a Huge project manager and someone from the agency's strategy department to begin planning social-media posts for April. There, they discussed general themes the brand could talk about over the course of the month and create a calendar of proposed post ideas. In April, the brand would be continuing its "Art of Cheese" campaign, which provides its 100 Twitter followers and 220 Facebook fans with tips on how to best enjoy its products. The campaign had previously been running on various food and cheese blogs before Huge created President Cheese's social-media accounts from scratch at the beginning of April. Shortly after the initial meeting, Lindsay met with a copywriter and graphic designer to brainstorm tweet ideas for the next month. It was then that the copywriter suggested a tweet centered on the idea that Camembert, a French cheese popular during the spring, was best served at room temperature. The copywriter and designer met the next week to create the image for the tweet, which was then pitched at a team meeting alongside other posts for April. The meeting includes Lindsay, the copywriter, a designer team, and a project manager. Then it's on to an internal review, where senior copywriters and strategists sign off on the work over the course of the following week. The post was then sent to President Cheese and, some 45 days after conception, published on the internet for the world to see. Thus far, the post has yet to be retweeted, but it has generated two favorites.
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